Letter2Shine (Analysis)

Daylyt, courtesy of HipHopDX.com

Daylyt, courtesy of HipHopDX.com

Just when you think you’re over Daylyt and his antics he reminds you, in a way that only he can, that he is equipped with the gift of verse, when he drops battle bars like he does in his latest diss record to NWX, “Rainy Day” Letter2Shine.  Unlike many diss records, Day kills you softly with his subtle, ironic humor.  Letter2Shine has a subsequent build up of sophisticated wordplay and double entendres that use Rain as one big metaphor, for what seems to implicate partial blame, for the reason that the sun-Shine has left Dot Mobb.

In between the larger metaphor are mentions of others from both Dot Mobb and NWX that are intertwined in the beef.  Light jabs are thrown instead of big landing punches, almost as if Day is agitating the situation by purposely not being a thunderstorm but rather a constant leaking roof.  What I like about Day’s approach is that he used this as another opportunity to troll.  Shine made it crystal clear that he doesn’t care for Daylyt. So, how does Day respond?  In a Letter2Shine, he assumes the position of a desperate friend pleading for his boy who has gone astray to come back home.  What he’s done is pretty genius.  Manipulating a sort of reverse psychology, he has turned Shine’s dismissal of him into a mockery.

The tension between Shine and Dot Mobb has little do with Day, yet he’s managed to put himself in the middle of it.  Day is a master at successfully exploiting a situation to his advantage. He recently stated on Angryfan’s Radio that he is taking a sabbatical from battle rap to tour and pursue his music, so who knows what he’s cooking up for the future. With Daylyt placing himself at the forefront as the only mouthpiece for Dot Mobb in this unpredictable family drama, it remains to be seen if Murda Mook or T-Rex will have any response.

“Rainy Day” Letter2Shine audio <—————- click here 

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