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Album Rating System 3 1/2 out of 5 records

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Dave East, a Nas protégé, and new East Harlem up and comer, is an upgraded facsimile of what the streets of New York once were 20 years ago. Going through Hate Me Now is a ride through the past when mixtapes were king, and artists were postured to relevancy based on its success. Hate Me also has the normal offbeat, free-flowing rhyme cadence that ‘s pinnacle to East Coast hip-hop. In Get Acquainted, an aggressive, don’t-f*ck-with-me track that was probably made to solidify his street status to those who may doubt him, East raps in the chorus, “Figured I would trap until I made it. Two pistols on me, we could get acquainted.”

Being Nas’ pick for the next one in line comes with its perks. For a mixtape and a new artist he has a great line-up of features ranging from Jadakiss, Styles P, Pusha T, Mack Wilds, Nas, and more. His presence on these features is valuable because he doesn’t drown in their stardom. His writing holds it’s own weight juxtaposed with these rap heavyweights and doesn’t disappoint. Though there are no particular life lessons coming from East; he’s lyrical but not conscious like a Kendrick Lamar or a J.Cole, the bulk of Hate Me is braggadocios street music. Unlike his mentor Nas, who was extremely introspective and sensitive enough to capture the heartbeat of the streets, East seems to lack this quality, which brings a certain amount of gloom over his writing that could potentially be overlooked if he were able to make his experiences relatable to the casual listener.

There are also other good songs like the Nas assisted Forbes List, Numb, Give It To Her, and KD. In I Can’t Complain featuring Pusha T you relive the glory of the early 2000s and its illustrious metaphors like when Pusha raps “Champagne rains on your main b*tch. The SLS doors do the crane kick.”

Hosted by DJ Drama, Hate Me echoes remnants of the past when New York hip-hop was on top. For some it may seem this is where Hate Me ends, with East trying to “restore the feeling” of New York’s old sound, but what becomes apparent is that East’s story is kin to the street folklore of the 90’s, repackaged into a conversation that is relevant today.

Download Hate Me Now here – http://www.datpiff.com/Dave-East-Hate-Me-Now-mixtape.734610.html 

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