Starvin’ Like Marvin for a Cool J Song #AlbumReview

Starvin' Like Marvin cover art

Starvin’ Like Marvin cover art

Album Rating System 3 1/2 out of 5 records

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There is something very interesting going on in the world of Hip Hop in New York City.  As the world’s largest cultural melting pot, one thing the world expects from New York, besides big ideas and big business, is great music, and for at least a decade there has been heavy criticism about the “type” of Hip Hop that New York is producing.  To put it plain, its sounds southern.  Bounce. Crunk. Snap. Ratchet.  All these sub-genres deviate from the traditional Boom-Bap sound.  In an era where Bobby Shmurda and A$AP Mob have New York streets buzzing with their southern influenced music, Hip Hop doesn’t have any allegiance to regional sounds any longer.   However, Astro finds himself sticking closely to his New York roots in Starvin’ Like Marvin For A Cool J Song.

Astro makes music that you can play around your mom without offending her and still feel like you’re listening to some good Hip-Hop.  With production from Statik Selektah, Easy Mo Bee, and BrandUn Deshay, Starvin’ Like Marvin is a complete project with introspective lyricism and reflective-beats.

Though Astro wows us with his old-soul maturity, he was born 25 years too late.  I was in an interesting conversation with my Operation Battle Rap cronies after finishing a roundtable vlog reviewing Arsonal vs QP (love battle rap) when the topic of Astro came up.  I told them I was writing a review on him when Jimmy Williams, head of our roundtable discussions, said something I couldn’t agree with more.  To paraphrase him he said that Astro makes dope music for people in their 30s and early 40s, but fans that age may have a problem listening to a 12 year old (he’s actually 17), and fans his age aren’t checking for that type of music.  So, who is his demographic?  Musically, where does Astro go from here?

Well, a lead role in Walt Disney Pictures’ Earth to Echo as a boy named Tuck may give you some insight on the trajectory of his career.  That’s an impressive achievement for a kid from Brownsville, Brooklyn, but I wonder how his acting experiences will translate sonically, or even at all?  With regard to his music, Astro is either a prodigy waiting to happen or a kid who’s too mature for his age group.

Download here ——> Starvin Like Marvin 

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Written by: Eddie Bailey of The Savoy Media Group

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