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Remember Me cover art

Remember Me cover art

Album Rating System: 3 out of 5 records

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Remember Me is the debut album from Fairfield, California native, Sage The Gemini.  Sage is one of many rappers on the west coast who have embraced “ratchet” music.  As one of Hip Hop’s sub-genres, ratchet was made popular by Louisiana artists like Lil’ Boosie and Hurricane Chris in the late-2000’s and eased its way over to California, where its heavily celebrated.

 This isn’t the first time that California and Louisiana have been linked musically.  In the early-90’s New Orleans native Master P started No Limit Records in Richmond, California, where he released a series of albums including, West Coast Bad Boyz, Vol. 1, a compilation of various Bay area artists.  Only this time California artists have taken the ratchet sound and have put their unique signature on it.

In Remember Me Sage silences his naysayers with auto-tunes, finger snaps, and 808s.  A majority of the albums content has an I’m-gonna-make-it-anyway approach.  In the title song Remember Me the chorus says it all.  “Remember me, remember me/F!*k the cool crowd, b*tch I’m a nerd/This is not a high school, the cool crowd’s absurd.”

Talk about weirdo rap.  Hip Hop’s acceptance of the awkwardly cool is now what’s cool.  And it’s kind of cool because it challenges stubborn machismo attitudes traditionally taken by MCs.  Sage wants people to lighten up.

He also wants people to party, too.  His platinum and gold lead singles, Gas Pedal and Red Nose are equal opportunity twerk-odes to all rump-shakers.  If Sage isn’t talking about becoming successful he’s talking about partying and women.


Though not lyrically strong the album’s content isn’t as cliché as you’d think.  Underneath the ratchet exterior, Sage is secretly a gentlemen looking for a good girl.  In Bad Girls he raps, “A bad girl just don’t mean good sex, good weave, VIP/I need a bad girl who can cut the good wave, going for her PhD.”  He’s not a full-fledged player.  He’s a good guy in limbo.  The pendulum swings either way for him depending on the song.

Sage often goes back and forth between longing for a good woman and playing the field.  It almost seems contradictory to have strong undertones of sexually charged language but still long for that “good” woman.  But at 21, I guess Sage has yet to make up his mind?

Features include August Alsina, Kool John, IamSu, Shady Bo, and Eric Bellinger.   With in-house production credits from Sage himself, P-Lo, Jay Ant, and League of Starz, Remember Me is well produced.  All 12 tracks are carefully crafted to create a light-hearted, party album.  Remember Me is definitely an album worth checking out.

© Copyright Eddie Savoy Bailey III, 2014

Written by: Eddie Bailey of The Savoy Media Group

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