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Lil Boosie

It’s amazing how a narrative can be built around your life that creates an illusory image of someone you’re not.  What I find even more amazing is that this actually works.  When you think of reality television, say, the Love & Hip Hop series or The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you think of being addicted to endless drama that you can’t seem to turn away from.  Deep down you actually love it, even though you know its not good.  Most of us can agree that most reality stars are obnoxious, undeserving celebrities, with deep-seated emotional issues, who’ve achieved a false sense of fame by virtue of their drama.  Though we criticize their behavior in conversation, conversely we help boost their ratings by watching their television shows, and add to their narrative when blogging about them on social media sites.  Subsequently, we give them power.

This “anyone can be a celebrity”…

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