Cult Classic #AlbumReview (Denmark Vessey & Scud One)


In his imaginative exploration as a demigod in the hood, Detroit MC, Denmark Vessey (not the famous African-American who led a slave rebellion in South Carolina in 1822) shows little reverence for religious and government establishments.  Vessey embraces coexisting on both sides of the coin of religion and corruption in a way that is alluring and blasphemous.  This expanse that separates morality and immorality is Vessey’s purgatory and he doesn’t seem to mind not bridging the gap.

As we take a sip of the proverbial Kool-Aid, let’s prepare our minds to enter the world of Denmark Vessey.

Produced solely by Chicago beat maker Scud One, the backdrop in Cult Classic is set by 1970’s themed psychedelic soul-rock beats.  The Intro starts off with excerpts of old-time gospel music and an unidentified preacher delivering a message to parishioners.  Vessey enters as a free-thinking missionary addressing the congregation with lyrics like “Leader of the charismatics/Scrilla gang, getting money is a habit/That’s why we call it Cult Classic/I done shot craps with Creflo…Dollar/Took shots of project Kool-Aid with Jim Jones, holler/Our Father, give us this Daily Bread, Insha’Allah/I bet I’ll trick that money on a mary mack tomorrow, what!” 

A grail filled with red wine, a Bible, the Quran, texts from The Vedas, a prayer cloth, a book of rhymes, and a bag of piff, would probably be some essentials in Vessey’s house of worship.  He is also successful in paralleling religious extremism and fanaticism.  I can’t quite figure out whether Vessey is a missionary with a purpose or a rebel without a cause, however, having a clear understanding of the power and influence that religion and government has over societies, Vessey models this paradigm for his movement in Cult Classic.

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