Church Clothes 2 #MixtapeReview (Lecrae)


Lecrae, is unashamedly and unabashedly Christian.  Unlike many Bible thumper’s proclivity to be exclusionary from nonbelievers, Lecrae easily navigates through a secular world without being of the world.  Through his music he has made himself accessible to both Christians and non-Christians alike.  This is why the title Church Clothes is so befitting.  In the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve walked unclothed in the Garden of Eden.  After Adam and Eve were tempted by the serpent and Eve bit into the apple, a folly that would seal the fate of man’s bondage to sin, they were aware of their nakedness and shamefully clothed themselves in fig leaves.  In essence, mankind had to be clothed in front of God to cover his impurities.  Tradition has many church goers wear their Sunday best to show God reverence, but in Church Clothes 2, hosted by Don Cannon, Lecrae, offers us a different perspective that unveils the naked truth.

Lecrae, is an oddity.  Here is a Christian who is extremely comfortable in his own skin.  Now, you may think that isn’t such a rarity, but when was the last time that you met a Christian who upholds their convictions without looking like the awkward guy in the corner, while firmly standing their ground when challenged to conform to worldly ways?  I’ll wait…yeah.  The honesty in his convictions makes you gravitate to him without questioning his motives.

In the intro of Sell Out, he is approached by an A&R executive who attempts to convince him to sell out to no avail, saying “Now check this out, man, listen/I know you’re known for just being honest and transparent…/But listen, we ain’t got time for all that, man/That don’t make no money/We need you to tell lies, lies, and more lies, man.”  As a matter of fact, most of the content in Church Clothes 2 is about Lecrae’s life as a Christian in an everyday, microwave, over-sexualized, desensitized, materialistic society.  The great thing is that the content doesn’t bring you down.  It is actually pretty uplifting.  Check out songs, Believe, Devil In Disguise, Lost My Way, Was It Worth It, and I’m Turnt for good listening.

There is obviously a je ne sais quoi about someone who raps The Gospel who can attract the likes of mainstream MCs as features on his album like Paul Wall and B.O.B., and draw the attention of controversial televangelist, Billy Graham, who featured Lecrae in his made for TV film, The Cross, that aired nationwide this November.  Not to mention, the words of encouragement from UGK legend, Bun B, on the interlude, Bun B Speaks.

So, here is what I learned about Church Clothes 2.  Besides the cover art, that features an Atlanta Braves fitted, a pair of crispy 11’s, a shirt, jeans, an Ipod and other accessories, church clothes are not your Sunday best or your Easter suit that you pull out once a year to impress people who probably don’t like you anyway.  When you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior and live by the Spirit, church clothes are what you wear everyday.

Download Church Clothes 2 here —-> Church Clothes 2

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Written by: Eddie Bailey of The Savoy Media Group

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One Response to Church Clothes 2 #MixtapeReview (Lecrae)

  1. Man I really enjoyed your review on Lecraes CC#2 mixtape. I have been listening to him since he first stepped foot on the scene and he as come a mighty long way. You can tell that an artist is being transparent when you can see their growth through their music. Thanks for writing this post. I look forward to coming back and visiting more often. Much love, grace and peace!

    Cole Mize
    Indie rap artist, producer & engineer

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