Therapy Album Review (Tech N9ne)



Meet one of the pioneers in Hip Hop that laid down the blueprint for being an independent artist.  Tech N9ne, has been successful in this business over 20 years making alternative Hip Hop records.  He and his business partner, Travis O’Guin, set out on the independent road in 1999 and established Strange Music, Inc. and have yet to look back.  The Kansas City native’s music is a non-pretentious blend of Heavy Metal and Hip Hop that concoct effortlessly.

Tech N9ne has a new fan in me.  I will admit that I have slept on the MC for quite sometime until I treated myself to his sixth EP, Therapy.  The synth pads that are laden throughout today’s Hip Hop music are replaced with guitar power chords and blast beats that are prominent throughout metal music.  Public School featuring Krizz Kaliko, is the first song on the album that brings social awareness to the failing American public school system.  Tech raps in the chorus “Most of my teachers can’t teach me shit/Chiefing in the locker room/Fuck English lit.”  Shame On Me featuring Caroline Dupuy Heerwagen, is a reflective and openly expressive, metal-hop infused ballad, where Tech shamelessly acknowledges his heartbreak from a relationship gone bad.  There is a range of topics on Therapy that express love, anger, spirituality and demonic spirits.  When Demons Come is a tussle between good and evil.  Tech raps “These days I don’t know how I feel/Trying to find anything that’s real/In a world where everyone says God is your name/You can really lose sight because everything feels right.” 

 I am a supporter and inspired by independent artists that make a decent living for themselves and Tech N9ne has definitely had uber-success in doing this.  I will end my review with a quote from Tech that can be found at the end of Public School.  “I was bored with the classes they gave me so I stole the books I wanted, and taught myself to think different.  Now I’m the number one independent rapper in the world.  Tech N9ne.”

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Written by: Eddie Bailey of The Savoy Media Group

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