Grayer Skies Album Review (Co$$ “Cashus King”)


The hyper-local language of the South Central reality is simmered to perfection into a palatable entree of well-seasoned story telling in Grayer Skies.  Grayer Skies is the first half of a two part album series from L.A. rapper Co$$.  If the early 90’s is your favorite time in Hip Hop music history then you’ll immediately take to this album.  But don’t get mistaken and think that Co$$ is some backpacker who is trapped in the Boom Bap time warp.  Grayer Skies is a modern look at what life in L.A. is today with a bit of early 90s wisdom.

Co$$ takes the stance of an observer of his surroundings being careful not to glorify the negativity that comes with it.  His maturity is evident in songs like Pieces Of A Man where he pieces the many facets of his life together into an intricate puzzle of his manhood.  He raps “Pieces of a man in a castle made of sand/scattered across the map/spread across the land/shoot for the stars hope the gun don’t jam.”   Being knowledgable about street life in South Central is imperative to survival and knowing how to decode modern day hieroglyphs that mark territories, to speaking the ciphered tongue of gangsters is a survival technique that Co$$ has mastered.  In Aziatic Crack  he raps “Three deuce trey in the place/thang in the waist/Naw that thang ain’t/like three is a trump/banging the treys/No I don’t bang…” 

Grayer Skies is lyrically balanced with down-tempo beats and excerpts from music from A Tribe Called Quest, to The Roots, to AZ.  Co$$ describes the album as being an “ode to the more Boom Bap, introspective aspect of my style…”   Bluer Skies (yet to be released), is the second half of this two part album that is supposed to showcase a more commercial side of Co$$.  If Grayer Skies is the melancholy half of this album series then I can only imagine what awaits us when parting clouds give way to Bluer Skies.

Download Grayer Skies here ——–> Grayer Skies

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Written by: Eddie Bailey of The Savoy Media Group

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